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Although the bulk of this site's construction and maintenance is a result of my own effort, I would be remiss if I did not acknowledge the indispensable contributions of several individuals, without whom the quality and content of the site would be considerably inferior.

Firstly, I would acknowledge those whose work and dedication came before mine, and whose contributions to the field of camouflage studies provided a solid foundation upon which those of us who came after have built. Foremost among these is the late Dr. Jean F. Borsarello, whose early publications and collaborative works were largely responsible for sparking the flame of interest that has today become an international fascination with camouflage studies.

I also feel personally indebted to Mr. Leo Karlin, a long-time collector and researcher, who has made many distinctive contributions to the field of camouflage studies. His generosity in sharing much of his collected knowledge and data with me have not been forgotten.

The original inspiration for this site, its initial construction, support and hosting, are all credited to Mr. Henrik Clausen. Mr. Clausen has been a frequent contributor to many publications on camouflage studies, and continues to make his own distinctive mark in this obscure field of endeavor.

I am also fortunate to have benefited from the assistance of key personnel working in the military and intelligence fields, the nature of whose work requires anonymity. These gentlemen know who they are. They continue to provide key research materials, editorial advice and administrative support, so that this site remains relevant, accurate and up-to-date. My sincere thanks to these quiet professionals.

Lastly, I wish to acknowledge the many contributions of Mr. Gilles Gorgues, whose large collection has provided many of the color plates that populate the pages on this site.

To the numerous other individuals that have provided contributions, large and small, I remain equally indebted and grateful. Although I cannot acknowledge every individual for each specific piece of work, I do remain appreciative that people take the time and energy to provide this support for a field of study with such a diminutive following. Thank you, and please keep the contributions coming!

In service,

Eric H. Larson Executive Editor