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The Commonwealth of the Bahamas became a colony of the British Crown in 1718 with a plantation economy. During the 19th century the African population increased dramatically, particularly after the British abolition of slavery. The island nation remained a British protectorate until 1973 when it was granted independence.

The Royal Bahamas Defence Force (RBDF) provides for the security of the nation. It is essentially a naval unit, supplemented by a small Air wing, Special Operations Unit and a Commando Wing.

Camouflage Patterns of the Royal Bahamas Defence Force

  • Members of the Special Operations Unit and Commando Wing have historically worn the US m81 woodland pattern camouflage BDU.


  • Most recently, members attending the Fuerzas Comando in 2012 wore a copy of the USMC temperate MARPAT camouflage design.