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Although we have been inspired and assisted by numerous other scholars and researchers, the contents presented here are primarily based on the conclusions of our own independent research. Whenever possible, we have made every effort to independently verify traditional sources of identification, and in many cases have made discoveries that are presented to the public here for the first time. In a very few instances, we have opted to make educated guesses regarding the identification of certain designs or samples taken from extant specimens; these cases are noted individually as unverified whenever possible. Primary sources for our data include: information from official government or military publications and nomenclature, period photographs from a variety of primary sources, physical specimens (with provenance), published material, and unpublished material from academic or military sources that can be verified. This site prides itself on having rigid standards for verification, and although our sources are always not cited nor every piece of evidence presented, the visitor can rest assured that such documentation has been vetted and would be available for review in the event some information presented here was questioned.

Although we have done our best to give credit for supportive source material when appropriate, all of the text presented here is our own and we take full responsibility for any errors or mistakes encountered. As a living document, sections of the site are constantly being updated as new information becomes available to us. This website and all it contains is copyrighted 2010-2013 -- All rights reserved. We ask that a courteous reference to this site please be made whenever visitors choose to cite, paraphrase or otherwise utilize the intellectual property presented here in another format.