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Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

A member of NATO and the Eurocorps, Luxembourg has a comparatively small Army (less than 1,000 personnel as of 2009) and no national camouflage tradition. Soldiers were clad in standard NATO olive drab from 1967, but beginning in 1985 began receiving military aid from the United States, including US military issue m81 woodland pattern BDUs. This remains the standard working uniform of the Luxembourg soldier. The small contingent to ISAF (Afghanistan) has recently deployed wearing the standard Belgian military jigsaw and desert jigsaw pattern uniforms.

Camouflage Patterns worn by Luxembourg

  • The Luxembourg Army has been wearing standard US military issue m81 woodland pattern camouflage BDUs since 1985. The only distinctions are national insignia and the rare qualification badge from other European nations such as Belgium or Germany. Both NYCO and ripstop cotton uniforms are worn.

Lux1.jpg Lux2.jpg

  • A small contingent of Luxembourg Army personnel deployed to ISAF in 2004 wearing standard Belgian Army issue ripstop camouflage uniforms. The same contingent was also observed wearing Belgian Army issue desert camouflage uniforms.

Belgium6.jpg Belgium8.jpg

  • Circa 2010-2011 Luxembourg introduced two new patterns for its own Army, a temperate design somewhat similar to the Finnish M05, and a desert design that is currently being worn by personnel deployed to Afghanistan (ISAF).

Luxembourg3.jpg Luxembourg2.jpg