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Montenegrin Republic (Montenegro)

The Montenegrin Republic (Црна Гора) declared itself independent by referendum on 21 May 2006. Prior to this, it had been part of the country known as Serbia and Montenegro (2003-2006), the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (1992-2006), and the Socialist Federal Republc of Yugoslavia (1943-1992). Since then Montenegro maintains a very modest miliary of about 2500 active duty personnel, outfitted almost entirely with uniforms and equipment of the old Yugoslav/Serbian army.

Camouflage Patterns of Montenegro

  • The M89 oakleaf camouflage pattern is still in use by Montenegrin forces, although is largely being phased out by the M03.


  • The M03 oakleaf pattern is the current camouflage of the Montenegrin Armed Forces.


  • Circa 2009, Montenegro adopted a variation of the Multicam design incorporating a slightly different combination of colors and having a small image of the outline of the nation embedded into the design.

Montenegro1.jpg Montenegro1b.jpg Montenegro2.jpg

  • The Posebna Jedinica Policije (Special Police Unit) or PJP of the Ministry of Interior and Public Administration wear several camouflage designs, including a locally-prodoced copy of the m81 woodland camouflage pattern.

Usa7.jpg Usa34.jpg

  • The PJP also wear a "urban" colorization of the standard woodland design, incorporating several shades of grey and black.


  • Other units of the Montenegrin Police Administration wear a pixelated camouflage design with urban coloration, seen here.


  • Additionally, a locally-produced copy of the US Army Universal Camouflage Pattern (UCP) has also been observed on some members of the Police Administration.


  • A variation of the Montenegrin Multicam design for the Navy using a blue colorway appeared in 2013.

Montenegro5.jpg Montenegro4.jpg

  • Another variation of the Montenegrin Multicam also appeared in 2013, this time with desert coloration.