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Ka Ngwane (Kangwane)

KaNgwane was a tribal homeland in the eastern region of Republic of South Africa from 1981 until 1994.[1] It was formerly called the "Swazi Territory," and was set aside for Swazi-speaking people, and granted nominal self-rule in 1981. Unlike the other homelands in South Africa, KaNgwane did not adopt a distinctive flag of its own and flew the national flag of South Africa.

KaNgwane was reincorporated into South Africa on 27 April 1994, becoming part of the provinces of Mpumalanga and KwaZulu-Natal.

Although KaNgwane never organized a full-fledged Defense Force as did many of the other homelands, the Police force was fully-trained for domestic law enforcement and counter-insurgency operations.

KaNgwane Camouflage Patterns

  • The KaNgwane Police Force was issued a very distinctive "giraffe" camouflage pattern featuring large reddish-brown and grass green spots on a sandy background. The pattern is similar to that worn by South Africa - Lebowa.

Kangwane1.jpg Kangwane2.jpg


  1. The African Homeland, or bantustan, was a territory specifically set aside for black Africans of a specific ethnic or tribal group during the apartheid era.