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Republic of Trinidad and Tobago

Trinidad and Tobago is a small island nation in the southern Caribbean. Formerly a colonial possession of Spain, the islands were ceded to Great Britain in 1802. The agricultural-based economy created in the 18th century necessitated a steady influx of African slaves to work the sugar, cocoa, tobacco and cotton plantations, the descendants of which make up a significant portion of the population, along with native Indians, Asians, and Portuguese. The nation was granted independence from the UK in 1962, although it retains membership in the British Commonwealth.

The Trinidad and Tobago Defence Force (TTDF) consists of the Trinidad and Tobago Regiment (Army), Air Guard, Coast Guard, and Defence Force Reserves. With approximately 4000 active duty personnel, it is one of the largest military forces in the English-speaking Caribbean.

  • Members of the Trinidad and Tobago Regiment as well as some members of the Coast Guard wear British DPM camouflage uniforms.