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Woodland Camouflage

The term "woodland" is generally applied to the US m/81 "Woodland" camouflage pattern introduced in 1981 -- which itself was derived from the m1948 ERDL pattern -- and all of its derivatives. The US "Woodland" camouflage design retained the same colorway as the 2nd generation (transitional) ERDL design with a 60% enlargement of the original drawings. The m81 woodland pattern has been one of the most duplicated and modified camouflage patterns ever designed, seeing service with military forces around the world and continuing to be worn today.


  • The original US m/81 Woodland camouflage pattern is seen here in both the 50/50% Nylon/cotton fabric and later 100% cotton ripstop fabrics.

Usa7.jpg Usa34.jpg

  • The woodland camouflage pattern seen here is worn by Armenia.


Bosnia1.jpg Bosnia5.jpg Bosnia6.jpg Bosnia7.jpg

  • A Cambodian woodland camouflage design is seen here.


  • China produced its own version of "woodland" camouflage in the 1980s, based on completely different drawings. However, in 2003 the PLA began using a literal copy of the m81 woodland design as well.

China26.jpg China27.jpg China34.jpg

  • Croatia has also produced a number of m81 woodland copies, some very similar to the US version and some with differing colorways.

Croatia5.jpg Croatia6.jpg Croatia7.jpg Croatia8.jpg

  • Although based on a completely unique set of drawings, the French CE (Central Europe) "woodland" camouflage design is also generally grouped in this family of camouflage patterns.


  • Guatemala has locally-produced its own version of the "woodland" design for many years.

Guatemala3.jpg Guatemala4.jpg

  • Some Iranian variations of the woodland design are seen here.

Iran17.jpg Iran18.jpg Iran19.jpg Iran37.jpg Iran46.jpg

  • An Italian woodland pattern worn during the 1980s and 1990s is seen here.


  • The standard uniform of the Jordanian Armed Forces for years was a copy of the US m81 woodland camouflage design.


  • Following the breakup of the Soviet Union, Kazakhstan also began using copies of the woodland design.

Kazakh1.jpg Kazakh2.jpg

  • The Lebanese Armed Forces still wear a copy of m81 woodland.

Lebanon4.jpg Lebanon5.jpg

Pakistan8.jpg Pakistan9.jpg

  • Various South Korean produced woodland patterns are illustrated below.

Rok23.jpg Rok24.jpg Rok25.jpg

  • Slovakia issued a pattern based on the woodland design for many years also.


  • Spain has issued a number of camouflage patterns all based around the m81 woodland design.

Spain9.jpg Spain10.jpg Spain12.jpg Spain14.jpg

  • A current issue Syrian woodland pattern is shown here.


  • Some Thai woodland patterns are shown here.

Thai25.jpg Thai26.jpg Thai27.jpg